Saturday, March 28, 2009


TITLE: Assessing metacognitive knowledge in web-based CALL: a neural network approach

The assessment of learners’ metacognitive knowledge level is crucial when developing computer-assisted language learning systems. Currently, many systems assess learners’ metacognitive knowledge level with pre-instructional questionnaires or metacognitive interviews. However, learners with limited language proficiency may be at a disadvantage in responding to verbal-report interview or questionnaire probes. The goal of this study is to present a neural network model that assesses automatically the learner’s metacognitive knowledge level by observing his/her online browsing behavior. The model is implemented through a multi-layer feed forward neural network. An experiment was conducted to examine the suitability of this model in different Web page structures. One hundred and forty-six college students were categorized into three groups according to three Web page structures: networked, hierarchical, and linear. The experiment results verified the suitability of the proposed model, and the MSEs of assessment of the three groups showed no significant differences with respect to the Web page structures.

In this 21st century, people are racing towards the highest level of information technology such as E-bay, E-learning, E-mail and so forth. However, I still prefer reading books. I admit that online reading might be fun and beneficial but there are still something lacking inside. I love to flip through the pages of books instead of scrolling down pages with a mouse. I love the smell of those frill, old pages of a book instead of the monitor. I enjoy developing and wander into wild imagination instead of staring hard at the eye-hurting screen. How can a forwarded e-mail convey better feelings and messages than a hand written letter? Of course, this is just my perspective and others might think the other way. What do you think?


  1. hye esther!
    i agree wit u
    I'm too prefer to read book rather than scroll down through screen
    and books gv more relevent thought ang knowledge

  2. hello there, Oscar, right? now we are buddies! acts the same as chatting online, i prefer writing letters...doesn't that sounds more sincere?nice to meet ya and thanks a bunch for your supportive comment!