Saturday, April 4, 2009

5th posting: part 4


After working on this topic, I found out that concordancers are more than just being useful for language learners. From article 1, concordancing might be only widely used for religion purpose back then, however it has been more and more popular among students and teachers nowadays. From article 2, we get to expose ourselves to some software for concordancing or concordancers. concordancers is helpful for language learners from every levels, amateur to advanced learners. it enhanced learners to learn language in a more detailed and accurate way. Besides, we are able to detect our weakness, writing style in certain languages. For example, if we found out that we have used the noun "huge" countless times, we will realize it and improve ourselves by replacing "huge" with enormous, gigantic, and etc. In brief, we must spread the good news around by telling all language learners that concordancers are beneficial tools to learn language.

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